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The Rise of Mobile-First Gambling

The increasing take-up and use of mobile devices is transforming most industries. Over recent years, mobile gambling has increased significantly and in 2018 over 70% of online gambling revenues were derived from mobile devices.

Pocket Aces Casino™ is taking live-dealer casino games to the next level, bringing cutting-edge handheld features and functionality to the mobile generation of gambling enthusiasts who have long been demanding a world-class gambling experience on their phone.

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Mobile-First Innovation

Capturing the New ‘Mobile-First’ Generation of Player

Mobile-First Innovation: Pocket Aces Casino™ is dedicated to delivering premium Live Dealer mobile games. This can only be achieved by first developing the perfect mobile interface with games designed in ‘portrait’ mode, and future engineered for 5G network capability.

One Hand Ergonomics: Ensuring that all game buttons, options and features can be easily accessed while the phone is held in one hand, delivers a highly intuitive mobile interface which provides effortless gameplay that players expect; the result, superior gameplay while holding the phone in its natural upright orientation.

Digital recreation of the Las Vegas casino experience: The latest cutting-edge front-end technologies enables us to create pixel-perfect games that let players experience on mobile the thrill and excitement of playing at a real Las Vegas casino.