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Pocket Aces Casino™ is the only online casino live streaming from a digital broadcast studio in Las Vegas!

The first-of-its-kind portrait mobile live dealer casino platform, Pocket Aces Casino™ delivers true gaming experience and real casino excitement to players Live From Las Vegas!™ It brings together an innovative mix of games, technology and game play that offers players an authentic experience and real Las Vegas casino fun every time, everywhere, all purposely designed for one handed mobile gambling.

Founded with the core vision of bringing the most true-to-life Las Vegas casino experience to the online gambling market. Every facet of Pocket Aces Casino™, ranging from the software, studio design and table layout to operations has been meticulously researched, analyzed and created to deliver an authentic Las Vegas casino experience to the player.

Why Pocket Aces Casino?™

  • Live Casino had an estimated value of €2.53 billion at the end of 2018 with a CAGR of 32% between 2014 and 2018.
  • Transactions processed via mobile devices has grown at a 95% CAGR for the past 6 years from only 6% in 2012 to an industry average of 70% in 2018.
  • The shift to mobile as the primary source of online casino revenue is undeniable.
  • Operators who fail to deliver a world-class true mobile-first experience to their players will not keep up with the industry’s shift to mobile.

The current lack of innovation amongst online casinos means existing games rely heavily on expensive branding and marketing to acquire new players, and on bonuses and incentives to retain them; rather than offering depth of content, unique product, or high entertainment value.

Successful new entrants must differentiate themselves from the generic slot games and cookie cutter live-dealer operators consuming the market and find innovative new ways to excel in the three most critical measures and predictors of success:

  1. Player acquisition
  2. Player retention
  3. Monetization of player participation

Pocket Aces Casino™ has brought next-generation live-dealer technology to market which not only maximizes these three critical measures but has also revolutionized online casinos.

Pocket Aces Casino™ players find themselves completely immersed in rich casino table games, freely interacting with livestreamed professional Las Vegas dealers in real time alongside other players. 

Professional dealers entertain players and meaningful relationships with the players are formed. Pocket Aces Casino™ live-dealers operate out of a state of-the-art digital broadcast studio in Las Vegas, ensuring a high-quality, high-definition, engaging experience for Pocket Aces Casino™ players.

Pocket Aces Casino™ is a mobile-first developer, every game created has been made with mobile gaming in mind. The Pocket Aces Casino™ focus is on mobile-first ergonomic designs and single-touch interactivity, bringing cutting-edge handheld features and functionality to gambling enthusiasts who have long been demanding a better mobile experience.

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