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Discovering the next big thing is vital in an industry where staying one step ahead is so critical. With all online casinos offering the same games from the same suppliers providing the same disappointing gambling experience, the room for differentiation is less than in most other industries, consequently the opportunity to disrupt the online casino industry is overdue.

The Pocket Aces Casino™ design process is obsessively focused on attention to detail, which is critical to identifying player expectations and delivering the perfect mobile experience.

For table games such as Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat, to compete with the countless other offerings on people’s phones, as well as remain relevant to a demanding new audience of tech-savvy players who expect the genuine Las Vegas experience, operators must deliver a world-class mobile user experience.

Pocket Aces Casino

Portrait Mode

Mobile user Interface designed for convenient one-handed play

The Pocket Aces Casino™ philosophy is that any game not primarily designed for highly responsive speed, to be played using one hand on a phone, held in its natural upright position is fighting a losing battle against player expectations.

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Why Portrait Mode?

% of usage in portrait orientation



Only 22% of people flip their smartphone from portrait to landscape orientation

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Regular & Common Draw

Pocket Aces Vegas

Designed for the experienced player, Pocket Aces Casino™ Blackjack resembles and has the genuine look and feel of tables in a land-based casino. With unique features such as waiting list and pre-decision to speed up game play, Pocket Aces Casino™ ensures a more enjoyable player experience, while at the same time maximizing table occupancy.

  • Waiting List
  • Pre-Decision
  • 5 Seat Table
  • Common Draw Version to host unlimited players
  • Double Down After Split
  • Re-Split to a maximum of 4 hands
  • Insure for Less
  • Double down for Less
  • Hard 17 Courtesy Reminder
  • Table Yield Management
  • Card Counting / Advantage Play detection
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The Worlds Biggest Casino Game

A strong Baccarat product allows an online casino to tap into a market known for its high rollers and heaps of action.

Pocket Aces Casino™ Baccarat product proves its worth by not only recognizing the need for a prominent product, but by adding elements which separate it from the pack without removing its authenticity. The game mixes advances in technology with the traditional game attributes that have resonated and captivated players for hundreds of years.

  • Multi-Table Betting
  • Instant Bet Lobby
  • Fast Action Baccarat
  • Advanced Score Board
  • Road Map Predictor
  • Pattern Detection
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Pocket Aces Casino

Multi-Table Baccarat

Featuring InstaBet™

Instantly start playing on multiple tables from within the Baccarat Game Lobby. Multi Table Betting provides a truly mobile experience designed to cater for even the most demanding of demographic. Pocket Aces Casino™ has found the sweet spot between convention and innovation that is needed to gain a foothold in an Asian market which – while not monolithic – remains true to its traditions even while adapting to new technologies.

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Pocket Aces Casino


European & American

Pocket Aces Vegas

Pocket Aces Casino™ authentic Roulette game offers players a clear and uninterrupted view of the dealer, wheel, ball, bets, results, trends and statistics. Players can strategize, place multiple bets, track results and review trends without ever losing focus of the game.

  • Save / Custom Bets
  • Crown Bets (Complete & Full Complete Bets)
  • Dynamic Betting Tool Tips
  • Multiplayer
  • ‘La Partage’ & ‘En Prison’ Option
  • Sector Targeting / Advantage Play Detection
  • Ball in Play Betting
  • 20, 30, 40, 60 sec Bet Timer
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Digital Games

Redefining the Ground Rules

As a pioneering industry player with core expertise in one-handed gaming, Pocket Aces Casino™ games are a break away from convention. With a sea of conventional content drowning the marketplace, Pocket Aces Casino™ will bring never seen before digital games to players world wide, all optimized for one handed play!

Our innovative portrait-mode digital games take mobile gambling to an entirely new level!

75 Proprietary Games, all optimized for one handed play.

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Table Games
Multi-Player Multi-Bet!

Classic Slots
The Lights, Sounds, and Jackpots of Classic Slots!

Video Poker
The thrill of poker and the entertainment of slots!

Video Slots
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